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SMATV stands for Satellite Master Antenna System. A SMATV system is designed in such a way we can create an integrated digital satellite and digital Freeview solution for your distribution network. Within the TV headend/it room of the building we integrate the digital Freeview services along with your choice of specific satellite channels or even information pages and distribute these signal throughout your network. All signals are distributed as a digital multiplex (Freeview) signal and will be accessible through each TV through the digital tuning option.  We can also distribute DAB/FM radio signals throughout the network to be available at each TV point location. Once this has been created all you need to do is tune in the TV and let your guests/clients enjoy the services you have picked which will all be available on the Freeview guide. This system is most commonly installed within Hotels and Leisure Centres.

MATV stands for Master Antenna System. This system is designed to distribute Freeview and DAB/FM Radio signals throughout the TV network. We can also distribute any information pages you wish to add to your network. This system is most commonly installed within Hotels and Leisure Centres. 

IRS stands for Integrated Reception System. An IRS system integrates digital Freeview signals along with satellite IF and radio signals and distributes these throughout the network to each TV location. Although this may sound the same as a SMATV system it is not. Unlike the SMATV system an IRS system is designed and configured in such a way you are able to install a Sky receiver at every TV point location as well as enjoy the services of Freeview. We can also distribute DAB/FM radio signals throughout the network to be available at each TV point location. This type of system is more commonly installed within Flats.

Information Pages
Information pages are designed to capture your audience to let you advertise, promote, and display and information you wish your guests/clients to see. We can provide you with specific channels on each TV that is connected to your TV network. This channels are solely used for any information you wish to display. Any information displayed is created and edited by yourself. Depending on the type of TV you have within your building, some can be set to start up on a specific information page. This is a great way to capture you audience as every guest/client that switches on a TV are instantly directed to the information page first before they enjoy the TV services. This system is great for Hotels and Leisure Centres

External Channel Distribution
Here at RA Communications we can create designated channels, within the Freeview guide of you every TV connected to the distribution network, to show whatever you like whether it be specific Sky channels, Information pages, DVD player, Apple TV…..ect. Basically anything with a picture we can distribute to your TVs. Adding this system to your network enables you are create your own TV listings. All channels can be distributed on Standard definition or High definition.

Commercial Aerials + Satellite installations
We can undertake any installations to do with aerials or satellite including foreign satellites. Whether it be located on a wall or flat roof. All our installations are designed to cope with wind speeds of 100mph.

Fibre optic distribution
Install low signal loss fibre network. This system is designed to work within large TV networks where coax cable can’t carry the signal without huge signal loss. We also use fibre cable as satellite down drops in large scale systems. 

Iptv systems are used to distribute TV services throughout your existing data distribution network. Unlike conventional TV distribution network that run on coax cabling, IPTV systems run on a cat5/6 distribution network through data switches. You can choose to distribute a selection of channels from Freeview, Satellite, information pages….ect. All channels can be distributed on Standard definition or High definition

TV supply and installation
We can supply and install TVs to your requirement. Whether it be freestanding on a desk, wall mounted or hanging from the ceiling. Let us take care of any requirements you have.

Background music
Background music is ideal to create atmosphere within your selected area whether that be in a hotel reception area, swimming pool area, beauty rooms, or sports centre corridors, it is easy to set your exact mood within each of your selected zones. Each zone can be configured to turn up/down, turn off or have its own individual music playing at any time using a localised volume/source control. Your background music system can be integrated with your PA system and evac system giving an easy to manage audio solution throughout your building.

PA system
PA (public address) systems is ideal to be able to address a large audience at any one time. These usually are used to make announcements, call for staff, or notify of an evacuation. We can zone certain sections of your building to shut off by a touch of a button when required. You can choose to have one desktop microphone or a number of desktop microphones dotted around your building. Your pa system can be utilised to play background music through the speakers. Once the microphone is pressed to make an announcement the music will cut off to allow the microphone to come through. After the announcement the music will return. Whatever your needs please allow RA Communication to design a system around your requirement

We can install a wide range of CCTV systems to suit your budget. All systems can be remotely viewed from anywhere on any device. CCTV is an excellent deterrent to protect your property. Please call for more details



RA Communications' Robbie Allan has worked in the hotel and leisure industry for nearly 40 years. With clients such as Gleneagles, Aurora Hotel Collection, Cameron House, Dunblane Hydro, Loch Lomond Golf Club, Marr Hall, Peebles Hydro, Scotsman Hotel, Sheraton Grand, Westerwood, Waldorf, Q Hotels, Trump Turnberry Hotel & Spa, Malmaison, Marriott, Ibis, Holiday Inn, Hilton, De Vere Hotels and Barcelo' to name a few

George Graham, Development Director, Gleneagles. Having used the services of RA Communications for the past 14 years we have always found that they carry out their duties and services to Gleneagles Hotel within agreed timescales and budgets. Their engineers are knowledgeable in their profession and capable of working within our prestegious hotel and resort taking into consideration our guest's requirements and expectations at all times. I have no hesitation in recommending the services RA Communications to prospective clients within the industry.

Ronnie Rickard, MD, Strathmore Hotels. RA Communications are dedicated professionals in the field of TV & Satellite technology and over the past 17 years have demonstrated their commitment to the highest levels of service through the highly qualified and experienced engineers who have carried out work in many of our hotels and also in my home. 

Paul Bodger, MD Anytime Leisure. Having used the services of RA Communications for may years now within the Health and Fitness Industry, I would have no hesitation in recommending their work or services...

Steven McLeod, CEO Aurora Hotels. The service received from RA Comms was outstanding, delivering on time and to specification. I would have not hesitation in using their services again and also recommending them to others. 

J. Wilson, Eng. Manager, The Balmoral Hotel. I have received many comments from Dept. Heads telling me that they have been really impressed with the attitude and quality of the technicians that arrive on site to carry out the work. Their care and attention to detail ensures that a 5-Star standart is always the outcome.

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